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Art is at the end of the day, a new perspective!

Christian Jankowski.

Carlos Santana’s works are a new interpretation of abstract, dynamic and deep. I’m impressed.
Andreea Zecheru, Gallery Manager, Z Contemporary

He tenido el placer de ver su trabajo y me ha parecido muy interesante, especial-mente por su técnica y fuerza.
Manager | International Department
| VAN GOGH Art Gallery

I love your work 🙌🏻 I’m really ineterested- please DM me.
Art Curator | Emergin Artist Plataform |
London, United Kingdom

I came across your artwork online and I was impressed. As a gallery representative, my job is to discover talented artists who might benefit from the representation and promotion services that we offer. Gallery Representative | Agora Gallery

I wanted to get in touch as I came across your work online and I think you would be perfect to showcase on an upcoming art advertorial that I am creating for British Vogue.
Ellice Everett | Senior sales | Executive trainer | British Vogue.


I don’t want to arouse other types of emotions more than when someone acquires my works, sees them, is passionate, feels attraction, and finds in it something magical and wonderful that they want to take to appreciate, admire and look their own.

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carlosantanart collage

Mixed Media

My palette is composed by pigments, raw materials and organic pieces that are thrown away without any value …….. they are the perfect amalgam of my compositions.

cuadro decoración estudio

I Named This Part Of My Work "NEVER NOTHING IS WRONG",

An artwork that reexamines what we define as correct or incorrect. Nothing, wrong, and never are simply words but, when we put them together in the right way, produces the stories that haven´t yet been told yet.

Digital Series

the result is generate by computer, scanner or drawn using a tablet which I use to manipulate my images.

The Name Of This Artwork Is "Digital Series",

This give me a creative freedom to explore and create amazing visual collages, allows me some control over the final image.

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